저장탄약 신뢰성 평가(ASRP)에 관한 연구 - 기능시험주기 조정방안을 중심으로 -


A Study on the Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program - With Focus on the Function Test Cycle Adjustment Scheme -

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The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is implementing the Ammunition Stockpile Reliability Program (ASRP) to guarantee the performances and lifespans of its ammunitions, and the function test is operated as part of ASRP at the Army Ammunition Support Command for non-launching ammo, based on the test cycles. The test cycles, however, are determined by referencing the U.S. Army Supply Bulletin (SB 742-1) periodic inspection cycle, and are based on weak scientific grounds. Therefore, this paper analyzes and reviews the experiment results concerning the function test cycle from Function Test Center for the last 10 years, based on the consideration of the combustible characteristics of the charge materials per ammo type, the development of new ammunition, and the feasibility of ammo performance improvement. This paper concludes that the extension of the test cycle for almost all ammo types, with the exception of pyrotechnics, would be appropriate, and the expected result would be the expense retrenchment of KRW61.2 million by preventing the wastage of sample ammunition, and also the reduction of the work manhours of the testing personnel.


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  • 이필중 Lee, Pil Jung. 대전대학교 군사학과 교수, 정치경제학 박사
  • 조성호 Cho, Sung Ho. 대전대학교 군사학과 박사과정


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