제 1 분야 : 건축계획 및 설계

건축설계 지원을 위한 BIM기반 법규검토 요구정보 도출에 대한 연구


A Study on BIM-based Code Checking information derived reviw for Supporting Architectural Design

이윤정, 이권형, 김승배, 추승연

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Public Procurement Service in 2016 ordered all public buildings for the BIM is mandatory. Thus, the evaluation of the order BIM-based regulatory review system is needed. In this paper, we review the BIM model for designing and building codes, check status were analyzed. In addition, Revit Architecture 2012, based on the virtual ground of the building was modeled, it buildings and buildings belonging to the detailed classification was extracted with IFC height required by the building code information is entered for each path was analyzed. In this paper, we contribute a BIM-based assessment methodology review of legislation was heard for example, BIM-based regulations based on this research as the basis for the review is expected to take advantage of. BIM-based model check further by developing an algorithm, domestic support will contribute to architectural BIM.


 1. 서론
 2. BIM 기반 법규 검토 요구 정보
 3. 건축 설계지원을 위한 법규검토 시스템 개발 시나리오와 요구사항 도출
  3.1 BIM기반 법규 검토 시스템 개발 시나리오
  3.2 BIM기반 법규 검토 시스템 개발을 위한 요구사항 도출
 4. 결론


  • 이윤정 Lee, Yun-Jeong. 경북대학교 건축학과, 석사과정
  • 이권형 Lee, Kweon-Hyoung. 경북대학교 건축학과, 박사과정
  • 김승배 Kim, Seung-Bae. 경북대학교 건축학과, 석사과정
  • 추승연 Choo, Seung-Yeon. 경북대학교 건축ㆍ토목공학 부교수, 공학박사


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