제 1 분야 : 건축계획 및 설계

건축 공간 생성을 위한 개념적 틀 구축에 대한 연구


On the study of spatial conceptual framework construction for Architecture space making

양해영, 박희영, 이길임, 조승구

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This study incorporates the conceptual framework of Touché, Poché and Caché. Archtectural space is not a restriction of an instant to a visual form, but has limited meaning through the relationship with surrounding and have space visually perceived by revealing the inherent meaning, and Touché, Poché and Caché have the potential to framework for creating space in architecture. The reason is that they emphasize the physical touch and movement to reveal the inherent meaning of the space, changing the sight from stopping on the surface to heuristic experience, which has a potential to exteriorize the inherent meaning.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구배경 및 목적
  1.2 연구범위 및 방법
 2. 존재와 공간과의 관계
  2.1 공간론의 변화
  2.2 존재의 감각과 공간의 통합
 3. 건축 공간 생성을 위한 개념적 틀 구성
  3.1 투쉐(Touché)
  3.2 포쉐(Poché)
  3.3 카쉐(Caché)
 4. 개념적 틀로 본 건축사례
  4.1 투쉐(Touché)와 Vals 온천
  4.2 포쉐(Poché)와 Tribun Campus Center
  4.3 카쉐(Caché)와 Stretto House
 5. 결론


  • 양해영 Ynag, Hae-young. 동명대학교 건축학과 석사과정
  • 박희영 Park, Hee-young. 동명대학교 건축학과 박사수료
  • 이길임 Lee, Gill-Im. 동명대학교 건축학과 조교수, 프랑스건축사
  • 조승구 Jo, seung-koo. 동명대학교 건축학과 교수, 건축학박사


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