『소학독본』(1895)의 재검토 - 유교적 신민 창출과 고전의 인양


A review on Sohakdokbon(1895) : A Creation of confucian subjects and a recovery classics


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Sohakdokbon[小學讀本] has been criticized as the retrogression of modern education. But There are still many questions about the text in historical context of the educational reformation in the Gabo reform[갑오교육개혁] of 1894. Therefore, to discuss the textbook in this article, has to consider the stream as a change of the traditional education system had been sought since the opening of a port with the context of Sohakdokbon publication. And We need to look at Sohakdokbon, Kukminsohakdokbon[國民小學讀本] and Sinjeongsimsangsohak[新 訂尋常小學] as reading books be based traditional ethology for children's schooling in the educational reformation in the Gabo reform of 1894. I was willing to study these characteristics of Sohakdokbon that connected Sohak[小學] as children’s textbook and moral trade textbook in traditional education system. Moreover Sohakdokbon contained change from a education system that focuses only on confucian scriptures to a practical method of study be based on uniting knowledge and conduct and aimed for a creation of confucian subjects. But this textbook tend to absolutize a confucian moral idea on a discourse, Dongdoseogi(東道西器, Eastern morality and Western technology). Finally, it was a result of the failed education reform by an absence of systematic formation of values for a creation of the modern individual.


1. 『소학독본』에 대한 재론의 필요성
 2. 갑오교육개혁과 전통교육제도의 길항: 『소학독본』의 간행 배경
 3. 『소학』의 근대적 변용과 『소학독본』의 체제
 4. 결어


  • 유임하 Yoo, Im-ha. 한국체육대학교 교양과정부


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