이청준의 「꽃 지고 강물 흘러」에 나타난 ‘사랑’의 의미


'Love' in Flowers fall, river flows by Lee, Cheong-jun


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This thesis tries to analyze the narrative of Flowers fall , river flows, and look at the process of accepting others as 'love.' As regarding the process of unity from separation as love, the relationship among characters in Flowers fall, river flows is a typical example of love. The narrative of love with agony begins with a dichotomous way of confrontation between 'I' and others, but it ends with reconciliations by communicating each other. Flowers fall, river flows shows more extended relationship between characters than that of Snow road. That is, 'I' could have maturer and more meaningful relationship with the other, his old sister-in-law. Flowers fall, river flows shows love as a way of internalizing his sister-in-law in agony. And an important night journey motif indicates that even if sometimes situations are grave and frightening, people should be dependant on each other and live together, based on trust, dependance, comfort, and consolation to the company. In this story, 'I' and his sister-in-law had the same experience, his mother's death. And they experienced 'separation' and 'unification' at the same time. And during the experience, the same patten was repeated: his sister-in-law's acceptance of her mother-in-law(his mother) and his acceptance of his sister-in-law. As time went by, the boundaries between 'I' and his sister-in-law and between his sister-in-law and her mother-in-law were blurred and they became recognized and finally realized two-sided communication. Regarding love of others as a way of unification and sympathy or a way of transcendence and tolerance means it is closely related to motherhood or femininity. And it is naturally related to the symbol of 'flowers' or 'river.' Nature, which moves and circulates in the order of cosmos, wets and embraces all things. That a male 'I' deeply understand and feel sympathy for his female mother and sister-in-law means the blurred boundary between man and woman and the possibility of transcendence. For the narrator, 'I,' his sister-in-law is an incarnation of his mother, so he feels sense of unity and embraces them.


1. 들어가며
 2. 사랑을 드러내는 서사적 기법
  1) 반복과 차이의 구조
  2) 주요 모티브의 의미 : ‘나’에서 ‘너’에게로
 3. 분리에서 합일로 이르는 성찰
  1) 갈등과 화해의 서술기법
  2) 공감과 포용
 4. 나오며


  • 마희정 Ma, Hee-jeong. 충북대학교 기초교육원 초빙교원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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