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도검(刀劍) 관련 어휘에 대하여


A Study on Vocabularies regarding Swords


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This paper looked into the types of swords and names of their parts using vocabularies regarding swords. Currently, not a little incorrect information has been delivered in vocabularies regarding swords. This paper will help at least in making up for what has been known incorrectly or what has been insufficient through a field study by professionals in the traditional sword field. As types of swords, the paper classified them into sword for the actual fight, sword for the ceremony, sword for self-protection. As the names of the parts of sword, the paper divided them into hilt, blade, sword guard, hoin(blade cover), handle end of a sword, and sheath. Currently, there are about 100 vocabularies regarding the types of swords in the . However, among them, many vocabularies could not be understood because their meanings were so briefly described. Even there were incorect vocabularies or the meaning was not described correctly. By confirming such contents, this paper will help to correct and revise the contents of the dictionary. Also, through the collection and systematic classification of relevant vocabularies to the types of swords and the review of their meanings, it is expected to be possible to prepare a foundation for building a vocabulary network concerning swords.


1. 서론
 2. 도검의 종류
  1) 실전용 도검
  2) 의장용(儀裝用) 도검
  3) 호신용 도검
  4) 기타
 3. 도검의 부분 명칭
  1) 칼자루 부분
  2) 코등이 부분
  3) 호인
  4) 슴베 부분
  5) 칼날 부분
  6) 칼집 부분
 4. 결론


  • 장충덕 Jang, Chung-deok. 충북대학교 기초교육원 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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