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Effect of Tuina Therapy and Functional Exercise to Cervicogenic Shoulder Pain and Range of Motion

Jin Xiong-Zhe, 오재근

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Purpose: This study intends to suggest more effective treatment method of shoulder pain by understanding the recovery of shoulder function. For 15 patients who claimed shoulder pain caused by cervicogenic periarthritis and lived in Seoul, Tuina therapy and functional exercise were provided to observe the degree of pain and change in the range of motion among the subjects. Method: For the comparison group, general sports massage was conducted and after the symptom was alleviated, functional recovery exercise was not provided. For the treatment group, Tuina therapy and functional exercise were conducted. The sports massage, Tuina therapy, and functional exercise were provided for 30 minutes each time and it was conducted three times a week for 8 weeks. For Tuina therapy, techniques like malaxation, rolling, and cervical manipulation were used. For functional exercise, stretching was implemented after the treatment. As for the assessment, joint range of motion (ROM) and visual analogue scale (VAS) were conducted. The collected data were treated using SPSS18.0 and the measured data were indicated with ±s while conducting t-test for measurement values. The recorded data were then treated using chi-square. α was set to be .05. Conclusion: Through a year of follow-up study, the treatment methods of both treatment and comparison groups were shown to be effective as a way to improve the ROM of the shoulder and the pain caused by cervicogenic periarthritis. However, the treatment group showed more obvious treatment effect than the comparison group and there was distinctive difference between the two groups in terms of its relapse rate.


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  • Jin Xiong-Zhe 한국체육대학교
  • 오재근 Oh, Jae-Geun. 한국체육대학교


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