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The Recent Trend of the Natural Preservative Used in Cosmetics

구정은, 한효선, 송정희

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The purpose of this paper is examining the trend of the natural preservative used in cosmetics receiving attention by recent well-being trend and suggesting base line data about natural plants having preservative effects. In korea, the raw material and limit of preservative used in cosmetics is designated strictly by Korea Food & Drug Administration and cosmetics companies manufacture cosmetics according to the rules. The problem of the existing preservative coming to the fore, the natural preservative to improve the safety and economic feasibility of the product is being developed. The study of the natural preservative was just getting into its stride after the Year of 2000. The raw material of the natural preservative is mainly both Korean native foliage plants with the antioxidant and antibacterial effect such as schisandra, chinese pepper, morus bark, scutellaria baicalensis, mume plant, saururus chinensis, artemisia capillais, anemarrhena asphodeloides, sophora flavescens solander exation and aroma essential oils such as grapefruit seed, rosemary, lavender, tee tree, sage, peppermint, german chamomile, lemongrass, lemon, thyme. In early days, the studies focused on verifying the antioxidant and antibacterial effects of those. Recently, however, the studies focused on improving preservation effects through blending those. But most of them are not commercialized because of the limit of natural plants, that is to say their color, odor, safety, narrow antibacterial spectrum. Several research has been done on the diverse natural preservative to substitute the chemical preservative at each research facility and manufacturing company, but we have to do tests on the safety and stability of natural plants considering not only their advantage but also their limits to use them in the manufacture of cosmetics.


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  • 구정은 Jung-Eun Ku. 경인여자대학교 피부미용과
  • 한효선 Hyo-Sun Han. 경인여자대학교 피부미용과, 호서전문학교 메이크업&네일아트과
  • 송정희 Jung-Hee Song. 경인여자대학교 피부미용과, 호서전문학교 메이크업&네일아트과, 신구대학교 뷰티스타일링학과


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