운전자 특성에 따른 안전 의식 수준과 재해예방 대책에 대한 연구


A Study on Level of Safety Awareness and Disaster Prevention Measures According to Driver’s Characteristic


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Automobile was first introduced in 1903 in South Korea, the masses of the car was carried out rapidly compared to other countries. However, many people were killed in a traffic accidents and economic loss was occurred due to the spread of the automobile. In South Korea, 2012, traffic accident occurred 223,656 times, 5,392 fatality, 344,565 injured people. In the last five years, about 224,000 accidents per year were occurring. In other words, 610 traffic accidents occur and about 15 people pass away in one day. In addition, the proportion of traffic accidents is first place in the OECD countries and it is very high in the world. Understand occurrence tendency of traffic accident, accident frequency rate of the driver who drives more than 10 years was higher than the novice driver. In addition, as a result of examining the cause of the traffic accident, breach of safe driving obligation appears highest case (125,391 times), and followed by signal violation, break safety distance. Therefore, the majority of traffic accidents occurred by the lack of safety awareness of the driver. In this study, prevent the loss of human life and property in traffic disaster, by establish disaster prevention measures that investigated by questionnaire survey and statistical data of the state of consciousness and driving posture in response to the driving history of the driver.


 1. 서론
 2. 이론적 배경
  2.1 운전자 특성
  2.2 교통 문화
 3. 통계자료에 따른 교통사고 발생 특성
  3.1 교통사고 추세
  3.2 교통사고 원인별
  3.3 운전 경력별
 4. 연구방법
 5. 설문조사 결과
 6. 결론
 7. References


  • 이만수 Man-Soo Lee. 호서대학교 기술경영학과


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