Why Do Customers Purchase from a Website? Activity-based Web Presence Readiness Model




This study proposes a web presence readiness model based on pre-payment service functions and a post-payment service function both of which embrace the major concerns of customers in the online purchasing context. Based on the concept of customer utility from the product itself and instrumental utility, the research model suggests four antecedents including, Perceived Economic Benefits, Product Search Support Quality, e-Shopping Method Diversity, and Post- Payment Support Quality. We empirically examined a proposed research model using data collected from online rating company websites. Among the four antecedents, post payment support quality is found to be the most influential determinant of customer evaluation on e- commerce websites. Based on the empirical results, the current study proposes an alternate model of web presence readiness. The findings of this study may provide an insight to field practitioners designing commercial websites. The implications and future research directions are further discussed.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. E-Commerce Readiness
  2.1 E-Commerce Readiness
  2.2 Web Presence Readiness and E-Commerce Readiness
  2.3 Web Presence Readiness and Customer Utility
 Ⅲ. Web Presence Readiness Model
  3.1 Perceived Economic Benefit
  3.2 Product Search Support Quality
  3.3 E-Shopping Methods Diversity
  3.4 Post Payment Support Quality
 Ⅳ. Methodology
  4.1 Data Collection
  4.2 Measurement Specification
  4.3 Measurement Model Test
 Ⅴ. Discussion and Implications
  5.1 An Alternate Model of Web Presence Readiness
 Ⅵ. Implications
 Ⅶ. Concluding Remarks


  • Kyungwoo Kang Business Department, Middle Georgia State College, Cochran, GA, USA
  • Yong Jin Kim Sogang Business School, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Seung Kyoon Shin College of Business Administration, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI, USA


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