박근혜정부 ‘한반도 신뢰프로세스의’ 쟁점


The Point of Park Geun-hye Administration’s ‘Korean Peninsula Trust-Building Process’


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Not to mention the Rapidly changing overseas circumstances, Park Geun-Hye administration took its first step in an unprecedentedly difficult situation with such hardships as deepened mutual distrust and continued confrontation between South and North Korea caused by the long term standstill of inter-Korean relations along with the current aggravation of North Korean nuclear issue and the suspension of Gaesung industrial complex’s operation. In this condition, it became the matter of utmost urgency to shatter the clouds of conflict and normalize the relations between the two Koreas not merely to settle peace on Korean Peninsula but to establish peace regime in Northeast Asia. ‘Korean Peninsula trust-building process’ is to keep and promote South-North talk, cooperation and exchanges simultaneously focusing on trust and balance on the ground of unfaltering deterrence against North Korea to move inter-Korean relations forward. Consequently, the trust building process of Park Geun-hye administration concentrates on expanding the support to North Korea, building trust through North Korea’s moderate but gradual change, and opening an era of reconciliation and cooperation through those efforts. Cooperation in the field of economy and security is also included in the process. However, a fundamental question is still left to be addressed on whether it could be possible to build inter-Korean trust in this worsened situation of inter-Korean relations. Few can tell some groundwork for economic cooperation between South and North Korea can be made again in spite of Gaesung industrial complex closed currently. Besides, in the respect of President Park Geun-hye’s tendency to put emphasis on keeping principle and trust, There can be some possibility that the mistakes of MB administration will be repeated which is condemned not to remain flexible while emphasizing practicality. Nevertheless, we can see some positive signals such as South Korea taking the initiative with the U.S. government’s wholehearted support to ‘Korean peninsula trust-building process’ which is shown through the recent Korea-U.S. summit, the possibility of Chinese Government’s policy change toward North Korea, and multilateral system of complex cooperation based on the idea of peaceful cooperation in Northeast Asia. Therefore, Park Geun-hye administration should precedently lift the 5.24 action which has been in the way of exchanges and cooperation with North Korea to get the lead. In the meantime, North Korea regime of Kim jeong-eun should no more test the will of Park Geun-hye administration and must find an exit strategy of letting the Gaesung industrial complex operate again in order to create a desirable condition for the ‘Korean peninsula trust-building process’ to be put into practice.


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  • 박상익 Park, Sang-Eeg. 고양시청 평화인권팀장


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