Thinking the Correlation between Preaching and a Local Theology


Lyu, Won Yuol

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The thesis of this paper is that particularly congregational Christian preaching is a highly contextual act of constructing and proclaiming a local theology in response to the cultural needs of a congregation within, and on behalf of, a local community of faith. As every theology is contextual, so is every preaching. Preaching occurs in a particular local context when a particular congregation listens to a particular message given to them. In this sense, preaching can certainly be understood as a local theology. Throughout the paper, above all, the researcher deals with the correlation between a local theology, preaching and a local community, based on the model and its term ‘local theology’ from missiologist Robert J. Schreiter. Secondly, the focal point of the writer is how preaching, being regarded as a theological act in a particular context, can be a local theology and how this theological act can be related to a particular local community. On the other hand, the paper not only emphasizes the necessity of thinking and constructing contextual preaching which represents the locality of a particular Christian community, but also criticizes the problem of Christian preaching which ignores cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the listeners. In this process, the reader will come to know that there is always ongoing tension between local theology and the common ecumenical faith revealed in the gospel message. Therefore this project will provide the reader with much insight and vision for the Christian ministry and ultimately contribute to understanding of the correlation between Christ and culture.


I. Introduction
 II. What Is a Local Theology?
 III. Preaching as a Local Theology
 IV. Conclusion: Toward a Contextual Preaching


  • Lyu, Won Yuol Assistant Professor of Pyungtaek University


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