Lyman Beecher's Challenge to Korean Revival Preaching - In Relation to the Revival and the Second Great Awakening -


Jeon, Chang Hee

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Christian Preaching has been the center of Christian faith, work, and life. Especially, Korean Church has grown up with the revivals and revival preaching. However, it is true that the influence of homiletics is being reduced in seminaries and churches today. Ironically, preaching is still playing an significant role in the church today. It is deniable that the significance of preaching is not changeable. The issue should be how it can work consistently and properly in this post-modern era. The period of greatest preaching has established the period of greatest progress in Christian history. Lyman Beecher can be an example of the statement that the period of greatest preaching is the period of greatest progress. Lyman Beecher (1775-1868) was one of the most famous and effective Protestant preacher in the first half of the nineteenth century, relating to the Second Great Awakening. The Lyman Beecher's preaching style and method might not be a answer about the question, ‘How can we continue to preach more effectively in the changing era?’ But, the theology of the preaching of Lyman Beecher provides a important challenge to the contemporary preachers. The challenge begins with a question, 'What is at the bottom of the preaching crisis in the church today? The theology of the preaching of Lyman Beecher also provide a challenge to the Korean preachers today. What is at the bottom of the preaching crisis in the church today? Why are the churches and Christians loosing the leading role in the society that the church in Korea have played in the beginning of 20th Century?


I. A Preaching in the Era of Preaching Crisis
 II. The formation of Lyman Beecher's preaching Style and Theology
  1. Background
  2. Yale University's Study and Experience
  3. Lyman Beecher's Personal Conversion and Revivals
 III. Lyman Beecher's Method of Preaching and Teaching
 IV. The Central Issues in Lyman Beecher's Preaching
  1. Theological Issues-the New Haven Doctrine of Predestination
  2. Revival Issues
  3. Social and Educational Issues
 V. Conclusion


  • Jeon, Chang Hee Professor of Hyupsung University


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