Ein Vorschlag zur Predigt über Offb 6:1-8 - Deutung der apokalyptischen Bilder und Predigen -


Shin, Dong Ook

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The reason, why so many preacher have difficulties to preach about the Apocalypse is the variety of visions. To be able to interpret these apocalyptic images correctly, the preachers have to applicate contemporary historical-critical exegesis. Using this hermeneutical method, preachers must tell the audience that many visions in the Apocalypse is not showing us the end of the world, but the hidden side of the unjust present reality. The use of implied images is a method to Johannes to cognize the given reality. Therefore the preacher must give the christian through the text a new insight into a recognition of the present situation. And the preacher must lead the churches to learn to watch the present from a future's point of view and to have resistive and critical attitude towards the present situation. And they must exhibit the end of the unjust present and hope for God's new world.


I. Einleitung
 II. Die Deutungsmöglichkeiten der Bildersprache der Johannesapokalypse
 III. Ein Vorschlag zur Predigt über Offb 6:1-8
 IV. Exegese als Predigtvorbereitung
 V. Musterstruktur einer Predigt von Offb 6:1-8
 VI. Schluss


  • Shin, Dong Ook Assistant Professor of Hyupsung Universität


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