Christian Implications of Sight in Postmodernistic Context


Han, Chae Dong

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The study is intended to help understand the Christian view on the matter of sight in the postmodernistic context. In other words, the study connects and disconnects Christianity and postmodernism in terms of sight. The problem of sight is not a new one in both Christian traditions and secular histories. But its significance is nowadays anew noticed by various sectors of the church and societies. The contemporary cultural features, dominantly referred to as postmodernity, seem to challenge the traditional (premodern and modern) understandings of sight. The dominant influences of postmodernity on the overall aspects of contemporary society are supported by the unprecedented technological developments related to visuals and communications. That is, the phenomenon, named postmodernity, is more than a mere ideological movement. The author, however, assumes that postmodernism is an ism. In other words, postmodernism is not a universal paradigm, under which all things should be subsumed. The technological revolution does not necessarily produces postmodernism. The reality of postmodernistic thoughts and cultures are not denied. But postmodernism is still partial aspects of our contemporary societies. There is no postmodern Christianity as a new paradigm. Christianity is Christianity from the beginning to the end. The article focuses on the historical developments of Western views on sight from the premodern to the modernistic to the postmodernistic in light of the proper Christian transcendental vision. The study concludes that the contemporary situations are not a collage of fragments, but an fighting arena between the Christian vision of transcendence and the secular visions of self and nothingness.


I. Introduction
 II. From Heavenly Object to Earthly Self
 III. From Earthly Self to Float of Nothingness
 IV. Real Conflicts, Not an Imaginary Collage


  • Han, Chae Dong Professor of Korea Nazarene University


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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