자연발효 과정에서 인디고에 환원력을 지닌 미생물 커뮤니티 분석과 농화배양


Analysis and Enrichment of Microbial Community Showing Reducing Ability toward indigo in the Natural Fermentation of Indigo-Plant

최은실, 이은빈, 최형안, 손경희, 김근중, 신윤숙

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Indigo is utilized in various industries including textile dyeing, cosmetics, printing and medicinal products and its reduced form, leuco-indigo, is mainly used in these process. Chemical reducing agent (sodium dithionite, sodium sulfide, etc.) is preferred to use for the formation of leucoindigo in industry. In traditional indigo fermentation process, microorganisms can participate in the reduction of indigo and thus it has been known to reduce environmental pollution and noxious byproducts. However, in fermentation method using microorganisms it is difficult to standardize large scale production process due to low yield and reproducibility. In this study, we attempted to develop the indigo reduction process using microbial flora which was isolated from naturally fermented indigo vat or deduced by metagenomic approach. From the results of library analyses of PCR-amplified 16S rRNA genes from the traditional indigo fermentation vat sample (metagenome), it was confirmed that Alkalibacteriums (71%) was distinctly dominant in population. Some strains were identified after confirming that they become pure culture in nutrient media modified slightly. Four strains were separated in this process and each strain showed obvious reducing ability toward indigo in dyeing test. It is expected that the analyzed results will provide important data for standardizing the natural fermentation of indigo and investigating the mechanism of indigo reduction.


 1. 서론
 2. 재료 및 방법
  2.1. 시료 및 배지
  2.2. 전통 발효 염액의 metagenomic DNA 추출
  2.3. 16S rRNA 유전자 라이브러리 구축 및 염기서열 분석
  2.4. 전통발효 염액에 서식하는 배양 가능 균주 분리 및 동정
  2.5. 선별 균주의 환원력 측정
  2.6. 균의 환원력에 의한 합성인디고 염액 발효
 3. 결과 및 고찰
  3.1. 발효액으로부터 획득한 16S rRNA gene library 구축
  3.2. 선별 클론의 서열 분석에 의한 발효 균총 분석
  3.3. 농화 배양이 가능한 균주 선별
  3.4. 분리된 균주의 동정
  3.5. TTC Assay와 indigo-carmine을 통한 환원능 확인
  3.6. 선별 균주의 indigo 환원능에 의한 염색
 4. 결론


  • 최은실 Eun-Sil Choi. 전남대학교 생물학과, 전남대학교 의류학과/생활과학연구소
  • 이은빈 Eun-Bin Lee. 전남대학교 생물학과
  • 최형안 Hyueong-An Choi. 전남대학교 생물학과
  • 손경희 Kyunghee Son. 전남대학교 의류학과/생활과학연구소
  • 김근중 Geun-Joong Kim. 전남대학교 생물학과
  • 신윤숙 Younsook Shin. 전남대학교 의류학과/생활과학연구소


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