「一房の葡萄」論 - <盗み>の原因についての一考察 -


Grape idea of one bunch - Cause of another <theft> -

「일방の포도」론 - <도み>の원인についての일고찰 -


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Think that an intention of Arishima in the work called “the grape of one bunch” which I considered by the main subject only pictured “the situation of the child” and “the psychology of the child” skillfully, and there is not it. A question whether would not include other artificiality in the work called at least “grape of one bunch” again was the starting point of the main subject. While a cause of “my” was based on the existing indication such as “loneliness” and “sense of estrangement” and the inferiority complex by the main subject in particular, I investigated a new cause again. The problem of “adult” lay there. In other words, why did “I” of “the grape of one bunch” have to go to the elementary school “only of a for some reason normal Westerner” for “me” not a general common elementary school? The thought of the parent who wanted to let you learn the education heat for the son of so-called parent particularly the civilization of the advanced West from early one's son was strong, and such a thing to be able to be called the cause of “my” considered that I worked through the main subject.


 Ⅱ. 大人への問いかけ
 Ⅲ. 「僕」の<盗み>の原因について
 Ⅳ. 「僕」と「大人」をめぐって
 Ⅴ. 結論


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