谷崎潤一郎의 『치인의 사랑』再論 - 근대 도시 도쿄의 이미지를 중심으로 -


The Review on Chijinnoai - Focusing on Image of Modern City, Tokyo -

곡기윤일랑의 『치인의 사랑』재론 - 근대 도시 도쿄의 이미지를 중심으로 -

김용기, 김상원

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This paper aims to study Chijinnoai of Tanizaki focusing the image of Tokyo, the capital city of Taisho Japan. Although Chijinnoai set a scene in Tokyo, Tanizaki wrote the novel after moving to the province of Gwanseo due to the Great Kanto Earthquake. Thinking that Tanizaki, as a native of the Edo, has never returned to Tokyo since then, it is certain that his literature was seriously affected by the Great Kanto Earthquake. In this sense, it is said that the experience of Tokyo that Tanizaki had have was posthumously projected to the novel of Chijinnoai. In other words, it is required to study that by contrast to other novels that set a scene in the Edo or Tokyo and written before the Great Kanto Earthquake, Chijinnoai had to be newly and differently researched, in that it was written after the Earthquake. As a result, it is clearly found that in the novel of Chijinnoai had been the change of Japanese society, and the image of Tokyo has been projected to the image of Naomi. The image of Tokyo that was showed in Naomi was a double image that the emotion of high collar and melancholy crossed. Moreover, the destructive image of Naomi overlapped with the image of Tokyo that was destructed by the Great Kanto Earthquake and indicated the end of modernism, that is, the break-up between the writer and the West.


1. 들어가며
 2. 급변하는 대도시-다이쇼기(大正期) 도쿄
 3. 나오미의 도쿄 이미지
 4. 파괴된 도쿄, 파멸되는 나오미
 5. 나오며


  • 김용기 Kim, Yong-Ki. 동국대학교
  • 김상원 Kim, Sang-Won. 동국대학교


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