지식청년영화에서 나타나는 문화대혁명의 상흔과 노스탤지어 - <천욕(天浴)>ㆍ<미인초(美人草)>ㆍ<산사나무 아래(山楂樹之戀)>의 소녀 형상을 중심으로


The trauma and nostalgia of Cultural Revolution in Educated Youth Films - based on the girls’ image in the films <Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl>ㆍ<The Foliage>ㆍ<Under the Hawthorn Tree> -


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This writing had research subjects as three pieces of movies titled (1998), (2003), (2010), which addressed Down to the Countryside in ‘Educated Youth’. Through analyzing these films, it examined how her ego and body are disrupted and destroyed in the space of political violence while being together with a sight of a girl in the man-in-the-middle position, not weak and fragile senior, child, and boy, who are exposed to madness of ideology. And it clarified a girl's sense of virginal purity, ego, conflict with social custom through the process that the violence of Cultural Revolution is internalized. In the meantime, it is a fact that is rare in critical mind about Cultural Revolution. However, it could examine with which method the thematic consciousness of Cultural Revolution proceeds with being revived and developed in three pieces of movies with gearing into popular culture while recalling that it is evolved into consumption of 'nostalgia' from ‘trauma’ with reaching the 1990s. is arousing political violence through a native man's libido in primitive nature. is depicting the stopped time and identity while giving a metaphor to the wild space in Yunnan Down to the Countryside with abyss of ego. is showing trauma of Cultural Revolution by twisting as nostalgia (consumption). The Cultural Revolution is expanded from the category of individual trauma and is being evolved into social contradiction and nostalgia of being emitted by the 1970s.


Ⅰ. 문화대혁명의 기표에서 경합하는 여러 기의들
 Ⅱ. <천욕(天浴)>:文秀의 몸을 통해 재현되는 문혁의 폭력
 Ⅲ. <미인초(美人草)>:葉星雨의 자아를 통해 재현되는 문혁의 상흔
 Ⅳ. <산사나무 아래(山楂樹之戀)>:靜秋의 사랑을 통해 재현되는 문혁의 노스탤지어
 Ⅴ. 소녀를 통해 환기되는 상흔과 노스탤지어


  • 박춘식 Park, Chun-Sik. 영남대학교 중국언어문화학부


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