스토리텔링기반형 PLA관광목적지개발모형에 관한 개념적 연구


Conceptual approach to the storytelling-based PLA tourist destination development model

양위주, 김창경, 김가령

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The purpose of this research was to build the structural concept for the storytelling based tourist destination development model oriented to the urban tourist attractions. The model was structured on the relationship between tourist destination and its storytelling. Two tourism planning theories were reviewed as follows: place and organization cognitive approaches vs systematic theories. New model was suggested named the PLA tourism development model. It was basically composed of three factors, including point, line, and area. Each factor had its own characteristics, including the place and the its story. The resource inventory and the symbolic sign were suggested for each factor. Future research will make a broader tourist attraction inventory and contribute to the tourist map making representative of the whole regions of Busan.


1. 서론
 2. 문헌연구
  1) 스토리텔링과 관광개발
  2) 관광목적지개발모형
 3. 스토리텔링 기반형 PLA 관광개발모형
  1) 포인트(point)
  2) 라인(line)
  3) 에어리어(area)
 4. 결론 및 제언
  1) 결론
  2) 정책제언


  • 양위주 Yhang, Wii-Joo. 부경대학교 경영대학 관광경영학과 교수
  • 김창경 Kim, Chang-Gyung. 부경대학교 국제지역학부 중국학전공 교수
  • 김가령 Kim, Gha-Ryong. 한국관광공사 부산항면세점 매니저


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