영남지역 종택마을의 입지유형별 풍수구조의 비교분석 - 안동지역을 중심으로 -


A Comparative Analysis of Family Head Village's Locational Type and the Structure in Terms of Feng Shui in Yeongnam Area - Focused on Andong region -


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This study reviewed whether the locational environment of family head's house is qualified sufficiently to be a good place in terms of traditional Feng Shui, and if it is, what kind of conclusion can we draw from the standard data of the good place. The location of family head's village was divided into Jangpungguk, Deuksuguk and JangpungDeuksuguk to investigate the locational characteristics, and of family head's villages by region was inserted to help understand. Followings are the results of analysis in terms of Feng Shui. This thesis applied the empirical scientific frame of analyses in Feng Shui, the locational type of family head's villages were classified into Jangpungguk(藏風局), Deuksuguk(得水局) and JangpungDeuksuguk(藏風得水局). First, analysis by Naeryongmaek of Andong region showed that the location of family head's village relied upon BaekduDaegan and the Jusan of NakdongJeongmaek. Second, The average distance of Jangpungguk and Deuksuguk was not different. Third, as for Deuksu in Jangpungguk, Inner water(內水) and Outer water(外水) appears frequently in the form of Iljasu(一字水) and ditch water. In case of Deuksuguk, Outer water appears frequently in the form of archer. In case of JangpungDeuksuguk, Outer water, and Inner and Outer water appear frequently in the form of archer(弓水), but in the form of non-archer(反弓水) at times. This thesis could acquire various statistical results through analysis of the locational space of family head's village, and could confirm once again that they were considerably related with the location method of traditional Feng Shui. It is expected for the future that a lot more researchers try to investigate the study traditional Feng Shui by grafting locational environment and local development.


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 Ⅱ. 입지유형별 풍수요소의 비교 분석
 Ⅲ. 종택마을의 입지유형별 사례분석
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  • 박재락 Park, Jae-Rak. 영남대학교 환경보건대학원 환경설계학과


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