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빈민가에서 문화유산의 거리로 : 홍콩 삼쉬포지역 사례를 통해 본 도시권


From a Slum Area to ‘Wonerland’ of Cultural Heritages : the Case of Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong


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This paper analyzes the case of Sham Shui Po that is famous as a squatter area, focusing on changes in discourses and activities surrounding the area and discusses the implications of this case in the theoretical discussion regarding the ‘Right to the City’. Since 2006, government-led cultural heritage protection program became to increase rapidly. However, private organizations have been raising problems and making new spaces for fights. From several years ago, the district councils of Sham Shui Po and SEE Network have been newly shedding light on the values of the old shops and buildings in the areas that have become the subjects of redevelopment and have been regarded as things that should naturally disappear along with the stream of times. Sham Shui Po is now given meanings as a street of cultural heritages and as an area where the ‘true distinct characteristics of Hong Kong’ remain. The meaning of Sham Shui Po is being changed. In Hong Kong, the issue of city planning and redevelopment is not just limited to the issue of the ‘city’ but also has become to be closely related to the enhancement of civic consciousness about changing themselves by changing the city and the issue of “How should we make the society to which we belong”, which is related to the right to the city. As such, social movements in Hong Kong that began from the issue of city development, in particular, movements in Sham Shui Po have gone beyond the issues of development, and are going toward discussions about what are good lives and what is a city that we want.


1. 서론
 2. 도시에 대한 권리
 3. 빈민가에서 문화유산의 거리로: 삼쉬포(深水埗) 사례
  1) ‘자애로운’ 식민시대 복지의 상징: 빈민가 삼쉬포지역의 역설
  2) 재개발대상에서 문화유산의 거리로
 4. 참여를 통해 도시를 변화시키기: 도시권
  1) 홍콩의 도시계획
  2) 도시권의 주장: ‘우리가 원하는 방향으로 도시를 변화시키자!’
 5. 결론


  • 장정아 Chang, Jung-A. 인천대학교 중어중국학과 부교수


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