인천지역 중소규모 사업장 근로자의 근골격계 증상 유병률과 관련요인


Symptom Prevalence and Related Factors of Work Related Musculo-Skeletal Diseases at Small & Medium Scale Industries of Incheon

최미경, 김영숙, 이연숙, 성낙정, 한상환

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A cross-sectional study was conducted to examine the prevalence and related factors of musuculoskeletal symptoms in automobile manufacturing, steel processing, electric assembly line, and wood processing industries. A study subjects were 3,434 workers from small and medium scale companies of Incheon. Walk-through surveys were performed from Feb. of 2004 to Oct. of 2004 to investigate various physical work factors. Symptom prevalence rate by related factors was that women worker showed higher rate than man, and married person was higher than single person. For the working year, group of person who were working less than 3 year showed the highest rate. However, the group of person who were working more than 10 hour per day showed the highest rate. For the total subjects, prevalence of symptoms by body area was as follows: shoulder symptoms were the most frequently reported symptoms(253 person, 7.0%), followed by back(155 person, 4.5%), hand or fingers (136 person, 4.0%), lower extremities(131 person, 3.9%), neck(108 person, 3.1%), and elbow symptoms(97 person, 2.8%).


I. 서론
 II. 연구 방법
 III. 연구 결과
  1. 연구대상자의 일반적 특성
  2. 연구대상자의 직업관련 특성
  3. 연구대상자의 발생부위별 근골격계 증상 유병률
  4. 일반적 특성과 발생부위별 근골격계 증상 유병률
  5. 직업적 특성과 발생부위별 근골격계 증상 유병률
  6. 업종(자동차 부품 제조업, 전자 부품 제조업, 철 가공 제조업, 목제 가공 제조업)에 따른 발생부위별 증상 관련 유병률
 IV. 논의
 V. 결론 및 제언


  • 최미경 Choi, Mee Kyoung. 가천의과대학교 간호대학원
  • 김영숙 Kim, Young-Sook. 가천의과대학교 간호대학원
  • 이연숙 Lee, Ryoun-Sook. 가천의과대학교 남동길병원 산업의학과
  • 성낙정 Seong, Nak-Jeong. 가천의과대학교 남동길병원 산업의학과
  • 한상환 Han, Sang-Hwan. 가천의과대학교 남동길병원 산업의학과


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