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The Study of the Improvement Effect for Acne by the Lymph Massage using the Tea-tree Aroma Oil

연소영, 최미리, 한채정

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According to this study, inflammatory papule, pustule acne skin, with the 20 ages, seven men and women to identify characteristics common to acne management by using tea tree and lymphatic massage on it you want to show the correct management of acne to be significant. In addition, these basic data will help an effective acne management and acne prevention. The results of this research follows. A case of acne is to manage the number of 10 times when compared before and after the forehead two, the philtrum 4, one under the chin, one right nose and the left side of cheek three can be seen to be reduced. Ago. In the case of B, T part to see the part of the complexity of the dry skin was a lot of acne on the forehead, said. When comparing the number of acne management before and after the forehead Management 5, 3 left cheek, the right to see one, the nose was reduced. this Acne occurs during puberty, from C person as a whole in the face with acne scars and acne occurs, and was still continuing. 10 times the number of administrative management of acne and then compare the before and after the forehead when management 4, the philtrum 1, the jaw 8 was relaxed. this particular, the part of jaw is relieved. this D, the most visible part of a lot of white head and the past I had acne scars. When comparing the number of acne management record managing the forehead after three, glabell 3, the philtrum 1, 3 left cheek, the jaw can be seen to be reduced. F is the target than the number of acne scars acne side but managed to see the number of acne scars and see the site of the erythema or something that could be relaxed. Acne and Pimples the cheek around the target G is deadly but the management of erythema or something right after the cheek left and the number of pimples and a lot of erythema or something that could ease. As shown above, the acne skin tea tree oil and lymphatic massage to see a lot of improvements have been tea tree oil and acne on the skin is the lymphatic massage that can be effective.


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  • 연소영 Yeon, So Young. 영산대학교 미용예술학과
  • 최미리 Choi, Mi Ri. 영산대학교 미용예술학과
  • 한채정 Han, Chae Jeong. 영산대학교 미용예술학과


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