의사소통 능력 향상을 위한 효과적인 시제와 상의 이해 - 현재완료상과 과거시제를 중심으로 -


An English Tense and Aspect Comprehension for Effective Communicative Improvement Focused on Present Perfect Aspect and Past Tense.

이지혜, 강문구

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For the effective education of tense and aspect, teachers should have students enable to distinguish tense from time when they are taught tense and aspect. In addition, it is necessary that they should carefully examine example sentences of present and past time and give their students clear sample sentences which they can use in their conversational situations. This study shows that teaching and learning tense and aspect separately is more effective than doing so with the system where aspect is incorporated with tense. The study also shows that the explicit instruction of tense and aspect helps the students use them more fluently and that it is helpful to have them notice the differences between the tense-aspect systems of Korean and English. This is especially so when the students learn the English perfect aspect. (Kongju National University)


 1. 서론
 2. 시제와 상
  2.1 시제의 역사적 고찰
  2.2 시제와 시간의 상관관계
  2.3 시제와 상의 구별
 3. 현재완료와 과거시제의 효과적인 문법학습 방안연구
  3.1 현재완료와 과거시제의 의미와 용법
  3.2 문법학습 지도방안
 4. 결론 및 제언


  • 이지혜 Lee, Ji-Hye. 공주대학교
  • 강문구 Kang, Mun-Koo. 공주대학교


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