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A Corpus Based Study on the Repetition of Korean Classifier.


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The purpose of present paper is to analyze the repetition of Korean classifiers. There are a great number of classifiers in Korean language and they take an important role in Korean conversations. Repetition is a common phenomenon in the use of Korean classifiers. However, the use of repetition presents an irregular distribution. In other words, some of the classifiers have the repetition, while the others do not. Since the studies on the repetition are still not enough, this article is going to solve this problem. In this paper, the repetitions of Korean classifiers are systematically analyzed which is based on the 21 century Sejong corpus. 161 of Korean classifiers have been analyzed, and 25 of which have the repetitions. Then the construction, grammatical function, and semantic features of these 25 repetitions have been deeply discussed in this paper. At the same time the reasons of the rest of the classifiers that do not have repetitions have also been investigated. (Yonsei Univerisity)


 1. 머리말
 2. 반복형 있는 분류사에 대한 분석
  2.1 반복 형식
  2.2 문법 기능
  2.3 의미 특성
  2.4 특별한 양상
 3. 반복형 없는 분류사에 대한 분석
 4. 사자성어 중의 분류사 반복형 형상
 5. 결론


  • 유정정 Liu, Tingting. 연세대학교


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