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Peace, Justice, and Philosophy Education : A Korean Case 'Teaching Philosophy In Preparation For the Unification of Korea'


Cho Sik Lee

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This essay is partly a report of the workshops which KATPIS, Korean Academy for Teaching
Philosophy in Seoul, had been hosting for primary and secondary school teachers during the last three years under the title of "Teaching Philosophy In Preparation For the Unification of Korea". Teaching philosophy for unification could be considered democracy education, promoting citizens' ability to judge, decide, say and do for themselves. To this end, KATPIS has found the p4c program pertinent to our Korean situation.
Our workshop program is as follows: 60 hours for Creative Thinking (January 6 - 17, 2003)30 hours for Critical thinking 1 (July 28- August 1, 2003), 30 hours for Critical thinking 2 (January 12 - 16, 2004), 30 hours for Caring thinking 1 (July 26 - 30, 2004), 30 hours for Caring thinking 2 (January 10 - 14,2005). The case study of caring thinking on the part of one Korean citizen, to be introduced in this essay, was first discoursed in the above-referenced workshop, Caring Thinking 2 .
The nonfiction story dealt with in this essay consists of a dialogue between a father, who wished to adopt as his own son the person who had killed his two sons about one week previous to the dialogue, and his daughter, who argued against her father's claim. In order to glean some suggestions from this story as applied to philosophy education, the father's arguments can be reviewed for the case of peace, while the daughter's arguments seemed to construct the case for justice.


0. Problems Encountered in Teaching Philosophy in South Korea
 1. A Text : 'Love Beyond Forgiveness' - This story took place in 1948 in the Soonchun Area of southern Korea
 2. Applying the p4c Program to This Story
 3. The Father's Arguments for Peace
 4. The Daughter's Arguments for Justice
 5. Philosophy Education For Koreans - A Project on Three Dimensional Default of Philosophizing -


  • Cho Sik Lee 이초식. KATPIS President, Professor Emeritus, Korea University


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