낙안읍성 전통민가의 배치 및 외부공간구성에 관한 연구


Building Layout and Exterior Space of Folk Housing in Nak-An Village

김시예, 천득염, 유우상

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There have been numerous researches on Nak-An village in Jeollanamdo, one of the most representative traditional castle village in Korea. Most of them have dealt with general and physical architectural scale and features separately. Therefore this study aims to understand the compositional characteristics of building layout and exterior space and the relations between street system and dwelling unit of folk houses in Nak-An village. The study examined houses of ordinary people in Nak-An village constructed before the village was not affected by foreign influences. 36 folk houses in Nak-An built from nineteenth century to early twentieth century and believed to have few physical changes from the original floor plans and architectural forms were the subjects to be analyzed. The most popular types in building layout are “Open L”and “Open U”. The most typical orientation of main building is Southwest. The favorable entry into the dwelling lot is from the side. The street system in the village consists of main streets of South-North, resulting in dwelling lots with North-South axis most general. This site condition forces the entry into the lot from North main street and the side access to the main building. From these findings, the building layout and the entry into the dwelling lot of folk houses in Nak-An are strongly related with street system and conditions of dwelling lot.


 1. 서론
  1-1. 연구의 배경 및 목적
  1-2. 연구의 범위와 방법
 2. 낙안읍성의 배경
  2-1. 역사적 변천과정
  2-2. 마을의 현황
 3. 낙안읍성 전통민가의 형식
  3-1. 배치 형식 및 특성
  3-2. 외부공간(마당)과 배치의 관계
  3-3. 가로와 배치의 관계
 4. 결론


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자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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