비행청소년을 위한 경찰사회사업제도 도입에 관한 연구


Studies for Necessity of Police Social Welfare System for a Juvenile Delinquent


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Nowadays problems caused by a juvenile delinquent are regarded as serious problems of our society. As a matter of fact, we can say that aspects of those incidents show a phase of our social illness. The police as the formal controlling organization, have not made an effort to guide them in right way or prevent their crimes, but enforced punishments upon the juvenile delinquents in law once the youth commits a fault. Its time to change the polices passive role into an active one for the sake of the citizens safety and the preservation of the public order. Therefore, the police should improve the citizens understanding to protect the teenagers in the community and they should provide the proper services for the people in a moment of crisis. In addition to a high degree of efficiency for their duties, they must also accomplish the roles of an intermediary to make the societies combined easily. So, its necessary to introduce The Police Social Welfare System as a transformation of the polices organization and the functional structure. It is the purpose of this project to survey the standard of the awareness about introduction of the police society welfare system in order to prevent the juvenile delinquencies and guide the young people to the right path. The research subjects are the standard of the awareness for the need of the various roles of the workers who manage The Police Social Welfare System; 1. The roles related with individual The Police Social Welfare System 2. The roles connected with the juvenile delinquents and the parents counseling 3. The roles to offer the separate service to the police 4. The roles about the connection home with the communities 5. The roles for the leadership and the participation fixing the policy. The research objects are 80 policemen who take charge of the juvenile delinquents in 14 policestations under the Busan Metropolitan Police. The research period is between Jan3, 2000 ~ Jan 27, 2000, the researcher visited the police station directly and explained The Police Society Welfare and then looked into it. The researcher separately went into the respondents peculiarities, The Police Society Welfare System, and the roles of the workers who manage it. The data analysis ways are mainly used the frequency, the average and the correlation analysis. The analysis proved that we truly need The Police Social Welfare System in order to prevent the juvenile delinquencies and guide the young people to the right path. Furthermore, police officers who work in the women & juvenile department strongly recommend The Police Social Welfare System. This shows us that they have many problems in dealing with juvenile delinquencies. Although, The Police Social Welfare System has shown a total new way of Society Welfare in Korea, there are still many things to be done to make it happen. A lot more studies are expected to make this system work out in solid background on the basis of this study.


본 연구는 부산지방경찰청 산하 여성청소년과 소년담당 경찰 80명을 대상으로 경찰에서의 경찰사회사업제도 도입의 필요성에 대한 인지도를 조사하고자 하였다 이를 위해 경찰사회복지사의 다양한 역할들 즉, 경찰의 개별 사회사업서비스와 관련된 역할, 비행청소년 및 부모상담과 관련된 역할, 경찰에 개별적인 서비스를 제공하는 역할, 가정과 지역사회기관과의 연결과 관련된 역할, 지도력과 정책결정에 참여와 관련된 역할의 필요성에 대한 인지도를 조사 분석하였다. 그 결과 경찰사회사업에 대한 인지도는 한국사회에서 거의 들어 본적이 없었던 것으로 낮게 나타났으나 경찰사회사업제도의 도입필요성에 대해서는 필요하다는 의견이 비교적 높게 나타났다. 경찰사회사업가의 역할별 필요성과 관련 비행청소년과 부모에 대한 상담과 관련된 역할도입이 가장 필요한 것으로 나타났으며, 다른 업무와 비교한 경우 경찰에 대한 개별사회사업서비스제공의 필요성이 가장 낮은 것으로 나타났다. 특히, 경찰사회사업제도 도입에 대한 필요도와 관련한 이원적 분석결과 나이가 적을수록 도입 필요성을 원했으며, 경찰사회사업의 인지도가 높을수록 인지도가 있는 집단에서 경찰사회사업제도 도입의 필요성을 더욱 느끼고 있는 것을 알 수 있었다. 이러한 결과를 통해 유추해 볼 때 경찰사회사업제도에 대하여 충분히 홍보를 할 경우 경찰사회사업제도 도입에 영향을 미칠 것이다.


 I. 서론
 II. 이론적 배경
 III. 연구방법
 IV. 조사결과 및 분석
 V. 결론


  • 윤영희 Youn, Young-Hee. 부산지방경찰청 외사과


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