PNF의 방산을 이용한 간접치료가 뇌졸중환자의 정적 자세에서의 체중지지 및 보행 속도에 미치는 영향 : 증례보고


Influence of Body Weight Support and Walking Speed in the Static Posture of Stroke Patients using Indirect PNF Treatment: A Case Report

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Purpose : The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of PNF of irradiation using an indirect treatment of the stroke patient's static weight support and walking speed.
Methods : Was carried out a total of nine different the PNF method of treatment for patients with left hemiplegia stroke. PNF of treatment is not in the non-paralyzed side of the trunk and upper and lower extremities by applying resistance and increased strength of the affected side. Assessment of treatment weight support both feet measured and modified using the timed up and go test were compared before and after treatment.
Results : Treatment of the paralyzed side of the quadriceps and hamstring, gluteus medius muscle strength increased, and both sides of the foot body weight support improved walking speed was increased.
Conclusion : Irradiation using PNF indirect treatment improves the function of the gait of stroke patients.


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  • 이병기 Byung-Ki Lee. 대원대학교 물리치료과
  • 윤정현 Jeung-Hyun Yun. 보은 병원


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