제 1 분야 : 건축계획 및 설계

휴식과 소통의 장으로서 디지털 도서관의 설계 방안


Strategy of Digital Library as a Public Space of Rest and Communication

윤치호, 최준성, 오덕성

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As information-oriented society development, utilization of information become import part of daily life as well as academic curiosity and the pleasure of contemplation. The situation is accelerating further due to development of digital media and digital device. naturally role of printed media reduced and it of digital media increased. Digital Library has been a mainstay in the form of a new library. However, the nature of the digital environment, the information medium of exchange that takes place in the virtual space design of library space will be very diverse. Therefore, extracting elements of design that digital library and rest space have, I will check the possibility of applying through a case study to elicit Strategy of design.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적
  1.2 연구의 방법 및 절차
 2. 이론적 고찰
  2.1 도서관의 시대적 변화
  2.2 디지털 환경과 소통
  2.3 휴식공간에서 필요한 디자인 속성
 3. 사례분석
  3.1 Seattle Public Library
  3.2 Sendai Mediatheque
  3.3 Rolex Learning Center
  3.4 디자인 전략
 5. 결론


  • 윤치호 Yun, Chi-ho. 충남대학교 건축학과 5학년 재학
  • 최준성 Choi, joon-Sung. 충남대학교 건축학과 부교수
  • 오덕성 Oh, Deog-Seong. 충남대학교 건축학과 정교수


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