표고균사 갈변시 세포내 효소의 변화


The changes in intracellular enzyme during the mycelial browning of Lentinula edodes (Berkeley) Sing.

김영호, 전창성, 박수철, 유창현, 성재모, 공원식

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Sawdust bag cultivation of Shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) is getting increase. The mycelia browning on the substrate surface is important for the stable production. The development of methods for the rapid mycelia browning is quite required. In this study changes in intracellular enzyme during the mycelial browning were investigated to find the rapid mycelia browning. Mycelia of L. edodes was changed into brown color while it grew in agar and liquid media like sawdust substrates. Mycelia of L. edodes was started to change color at 25 days after inoculation and browning was occurred in whole mycelia colony at 30 days and browning was completed at 40 days. The activities of enzymes was evaluated in these periodically color changing mycelia. Laccase activity was highest at 15 days after inoculation on PDB, but it gradually decreased from 15 days. Tyrosinase activity drastically increased in period between 30 days and 40 days while mycelia browning was progressed. The kinds of phosphotase identified by electrophoresis were esterase, acid phosphotase, and alkaline phosphotase. Activities of phosphotase were increased before the initiation of mycelial browning but they were decreased after browning.


 재료 및 방법
  Spectrophotometer에 의한 세포내 효소의 측정
  등전점 전기영동에 의한 세포내 효소의 측정
 결과 및 고찰
  배양기간에 따른 표고균사의 형태적 변화
  표고균사의 배양기간별 phenoloxidase 효소의 변화
  표고균사 배양기간에 따른 phosphatase효소의 변화


  • 김영호 Young-Ho Kim. 국립원예특작과학원 버섯과
  • 전창성 Chang-Sung Jhune. 국립원예특작과학원 버섯과
  • 박수철 Soo-Chul Park. 농촌진흥청 연구정책과
  • 유창현 Chang-Hyun You. 산림버섯연구소
  • 성재모 Jae-Mo Sung. 강원대학교
  • 공원식 Won-Sik Kong. 국립원예특작과학원 버섯과


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