고도보존육성 사업의 현황과 추진과제


Current Status and Promotions in the Preservation and Development Project of Ancient Capital


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The preservation and development of the ancient capital are generally a contradiction in terms. If for preserving the ancient capital to inhibit the development of the city, the demand development in accordance with the development of the city is difficult to meet. The significant challenge is the conflict between the urban development strategy in the ancient capital and the principle of preservation and development. Because of this contradiction, even sacrificed one side to highlight the other side is a grim reality. In order to promote the preservation and development of ancient capital simultaneously, it must make the direction for ancient capital's development, that in historical core area the mode of preservation should be continued, but in the range where does not undermine the historical landscape, city development should be actively guided. And in order to promote the preservation and development project of the ancient capital effectively, as the theoretical foundation, relevant national policy should be legislated. Also, cognition of the political right should be transformed and redefined, that citizen participation and the relationship between citizen and government need urgent attention.


 Ⅰ. 고도보존 사업의 목적과 정책
 Ⅱ. 고도보존계획 수립 및 주민지원
 Ⅲ. 추진과제 및 정책 제안


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