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윤동주의 ‘자화상 연작’과 시정신의 성장과정


Yun, Dong-ju’s ‘serial self-portraits’ and the growth of poetic consciousness


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Yun, Dong-ju’s ‘serial self-portraits’ and the growth of poetic consciousness Ryu,Yang-seon This article views Yun, Dong-ju’s poems, i.e. 「Boy」, 「Self-portrait」 and 「Map of a snowy day」 as ‘serial self-portraits,’ regarded them respectively as a past-oriented self-portrait (「Boy」), the self-portrait of the present (「 self-portrait」), and the future-oriented self-portrait(「Map of a snowy day」), and investigated how the consciousness of the poet grew. As a result, it was revealed that from 「Boy」 and 「Self-portrait」 to 「Map of a snowy day」, the consciousness of the poet grew along the following path ‘despair of the times → doubt about religion → restoration of religion → overcoming of the despair of the times.’ These three ‘serial self-portraits’ were written everytime when the consciousness of the poet reached a point where a certain qualitative change or leap is required in the dark age around the end of the Japanese colonial rule. As the poet regarded establishment of self-identity as the most important task, the ‘serial self-portraits’ was created in the process of this very bitter struggle with himself. Accordingly, the poet’s will not to be buried in the times along with the deepening consciousness of the darkness of the times finds expression in these poems. Also, the ‘serial self-portraits’ clearly shows how the spirit of martyrdom 윤동주의 ‘자화상 연작’과 시정신의 성장과정․347 of the poet, who walked the path of death cleaving the darkness of the times, was formed. They resulted from honest self-examination that transparently stares at the inner side all the time. The path of pure sorrow appearing in 「Map of a snowy day」, the last of the ‘serial self-portraits,’ was none other than the path of martyrdom in preparation for the ‘Cross.’ While writing the ‘serial self-portraits,’ the poet never wavered in determining the direction of an upright life that will never depart or deviate from such a path of martyrdom.


Ⅰ. 시작하는 말
 Ⅱ. 힘과 가능성의 바다
 Ⅲ. 이상향으로서 바다
 Ⅳ. 침몰의 바다
 Ⅴ. 맺는 말


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