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SW산업의 지역동반 성장을 위한 제안에 관한 연구


A Study on Suggestions for Progress of SW Industry in company with Regional Economy

김동민, 장정환, 이두용, 장청윤, 조용철, 김정환, 이창호

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Recently SW is the key industry which leads the HW industry and service industry, but market size of SW is only 0.9% of GDP. It is necessary systematic and strategic support to create new SW market through SW convergence and to secure the global competitiveness. This paper deals with some strategic suggestions for progress of SW industry in company with regional economy. We survey and analyze the many SW support projects by government and take professional advice from some specialists of regional information industry promotion agency. We draw 10 strategic suggestions for support of SW industry. Also we analyze the relative importance of 10 strategic suggestions by AHP analysis.


 1. 서론
 2. 국내 SW분야 지원 정책 및 사업 분석
  2.1 국내 SW분야 지원 정책 현황
  2.2 지역 SW분야 지원 정책 현황
  2.3 SW분야 지원사업 분석
 3. 국내 SW산업의 문제점 분석
  3.1 SW분야 전문가 및 실무자들이 제기한 문제점
  3.2 지원 사업 현황을 통한 문제점 분석
 4. SW분야 지원사업의 방향성 도출
  4.1 인프라 지원 및 집적화 측면
  4.2 인력양성 측면
  4.3 기술 경쟁력 확보 측면
  4.4 신규 수요 창출 및 상용화 측면
 5. SW분야 육성방향의 중요도 평가
 6. 결론
 7. 참고문헌


  • 김동민 Dong-Min Kim. 인천정보산업진흥원
  • 장정환 Jung-Hwan Jang. 인하대학교 산업공학과
  • 이두용 Doo-Yong Lee. 인하대학교 산업공학과
  • 장청윤 Jing-lun Zhang. 인하대학교 산업공학과
  • 조용철 Yong-Chul Jho. 한국항만연수원 인천연수원
  • 김정환 Jeong-Hwan Kim. 인천정보산업진흥원
  • 이창호 Chang-Ho Lee. 인하대학교 산업공학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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