이준연 환상동화의 서사구조 연구 -『도깨비나라 로봇 대통령』을 중심으로


Research on epical structure shown in Lee, Jun-Yeon’s fantasy fairy tale - Robot President 『of goblin’s kingdom』


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The fantasy fairy tale 『Robot President of goblin’s kingdom』 symbolically shows men’s desire through the external conflict of robots and goblins The writer, through fantasy, lets children experience the self-expanding rite of passage and find the value of goblins and jewelry, naturally going beyond the adults’ earthly world. The goblins where Koreans’ lives are inherent, are the figures hoping to get free from reality-dominant world and they straighten up the distorted order using surprising instruments. This work also uses the social conflicts and earthly desires to upset this world. using fantasy. The coercion of dependency incurs cultural conflict and colonialization and becomes a source of conflict suppressing purity and individuality. Goblins, men, robots are the signs symbolizing diverse races and cultures and cannot be made identical with colonialization. Given the reality that scientific culture and diversity of cultures should be accepted, the writer upsets the colonialized reality which denies uniqueness of culture and tries to find a point of contract which is shared by each culture and emphasizes self-independence of each culture. 『Robot President of goblin’s kingdom』is an overcoming of the reality that western cultures and its scientific civilization dominate the Korean culture and it is done through Korean’s emotional background and nature friendliness inherent in goblins and that is to show everything should be transformed into self-led creative mode of life.


1. 서론
 2. 변형과 해체의 유기적 형태
  1) 표면적 플롯 - 분규발생과정형의 복합구성
  2) 심층적 플롯 - 추구, 모험, 대결의 성장플롯
 2. 충돌, 변화, 융합의 연쇄체
  1) 도깨비를 통한 미학적 변주
  2) 도구적 경이와 카니발적 전복
 4. 결론


  • 이은하 Lee, Eun-Ha. 한남대학교 조교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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