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근현대 한국선종교단에서 제정된 청규에 관한 고찰


A Study on the Clarity Rule Enacted by Recent & Modern Korean Zen Sect Order

적멸, 조명제

대각사상연구원 대각사상 제10집 2007.12 pp.193-243
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This research study investigates the recent enactment of the rules by Yong Sung Sunim’s association, the Zen-sect rules of Han Am Sunim, the Gongju rules of Sung Chul Sunim, and the current enactment of the five types of Chogye Buddhism Sect’s clarity rules. However, there does not exist a consistent system in the enactment of the above clarity rules. It is discovered that the clarity rules were enacted at one’s own will according to his personality or thought without any common standard. The clarity rule of Zen-sect, namely, implies the clarity rules of Baekjang Sunim. Various types of the clarity rules enacted by Korean Zen sect order have serious discrepancies from the clarity rules of Baekjang Sunim. Furthermore, various types of the clarity rules enacted by Korean Zen sect order have metaphysical, ideological, and doctrinal contents. Or, frequently, they included a personal pledge and a group resolution. And it is hard to find a terminological definition of the clarity rules enacted by Korean Zen sect order because its terminological definition is so unclear that the precise standard conception of the clarity rules is quite uncertain. The clarity rules are dubious because they indicate such kinds of precepts, ranking system of monks, regulations of association, articles of association, precept meanings, regulations, ceremonies, pledge sentences, addressments as the clarity rules. Current issue in the clarity rule enactment by Korean Zen-sect order, namely, Chogye sect is the concern of the whole sect. For the enactment of the clarity rule, Korean Zen-sect order established a group of committee member. If Chogye sect wish to announce Baekjang’s clarity rules as their own enactment of clarity rules, first of all, they should be free of prevailing concept of currently enacted clarity rules, secondly, they should investigate the copyed Baekjang’s clarity rules which were written in China precisely. Baekjang’s clarity rule must be the clarity rule of Zen-sect.


I. 서론
 II. 근대에 제정된 청규의 내용
 III. 현대 諸方 禪院에서 행하고 있는 청규의 내용
 IV. 청규와 전문선원의 현실
 V. 결론
 「근현대 한국 선종교단에서 제정된 청규」에 대한 논평


  • 적멸 Ven. Juk-myel. 강원도 양양군 현불사 주지, 동국대 선학과 철학박사.
  • 조명제 불학연구소 연구원.


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