포교원의 청소년 포교


Youth Propagation of Bureau of Missionary Activities

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In 1997, 'The Bureau of Missionary Activities' presented it's ten years program(period 1996~2005) and , which included youth program. The highlights of have been emphasized on the following three items. First, the schools where there are many potential youth who can be Buddhists are. Second, on educating group of teachers for the propose of leading youth. And on third, On developing proper program and a reference materials should be presented to embrace Buddhism youth and the teacher. tried to find a solution to carry out the plan for this program by jogye order according to annual of the youth program the following have been carried out to our satisfactions; The year in 1996 was declared as and established and suppord buddhist youth guoup and promoted their activities. After 1997, take full charge of the propagation, and helped organization, and study and training of and support and cooperation with group of teachers whose activities are to realize and implement the ideas of the buddhists schools. And periodically holded seminars for proactive activities for missionary works, developed referen! ce materials for youth programs, conducted survey of the religious actitude of the youth Reviewing last decades, the plan for this program by jogye order didn't have the desired effect because of the supports made only to the organization and change of the environment. And it left problems to be solved; they are inconsistency, need forts to continue the activities, need more effective organization of the work. As and coming close to the end. We presented a new ten year program (2005~2014) in 2005 named a to prepare for new decade and presented a policy. According to is a system that connect centeral organization with the field strengthens abilities of people of every class and revitalizes system to various field. This system is like a perfect nets, which will work perfectly for our purpose. in the is a propagation, which must start from a compassion that youth or each class whether convert of not must be embraced with it, and considered as 'Part of Me' one. This kind of propagation is not an external induction of motivation is but an internal, so highly motivated and interested passion which is spontaneous and competitiveness of the society, this must be spreaded more widely.


Ⅰ. 들어가는 말
 Ⅱ. 포교원의 청소년 포교 사업 개관
 Ⅲ. 포교종책에 의한 청소년 포교사업
 Ⅳ. 맺는 말
 「포교원의 청소년 포교」에 대한 논평


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  • 영석 Ven. young-seok. 전 대한불교조계종 포교원 사무국장.


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