白龍城禪師의 佛敎淨化運動


The Master Beak Yong Sung and the Purification Movement

백용성선사의 불교정화운동

이덕진, 한보광

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At the age of 21, the monk or Master Beak Yong Sung was handed down from his guru the master Sun-Gok. He spent his entire life preserving the teachings of his Guru. He strongly opposed to the Japanese way of changing Korean Buddhism, and asserting traditional Korean Bigu-buddhism. It was in 1926 when he asserted the two drafts of papers which expressed his firm belief. None the less, most of the press and media of that time did not take his efforts seriously. Yet, his efforts were estimated as the key role of traditional Buddhism and its maintenance; Korean Buddhism might have been vain less without his efforts and sacrifice. He than recommended the Jigea movement to his pupils. He also offered the ritual ceremony, while preaching in the Hea-in Buddhist temple. While even reorganizing and translating Buddhist rules in Korean for the mass. Unfortunately, his efforts were not welcomed in the past. It was because most monks were married or formed a family and it was impossible for monks to debate over rules under any circumstances. Therefore he chose to Dea-gak-gyo movement which could fix the whole paradigm of Buddhism. He organized the Deagakgyo Eushikjip and Sugea ritual ceremony as well. Around the last phase of his life, he handed down his teachings to one of his pupil, Dong San hea Il. Meanwhile some people viewed that the effort of his initiated, Dong San hea Il, was not significant under other circumstances. Finally, flame of the Buddhist Purification Movement flamed up again after the liberation of Korea from Japan and took over to Deachio-bigu, who played a crucial role in reorganizing the traditional Buddhism of Korea, until now. If there was no effort as such, justification of the Buddhist Purification Movement after the liberation might have been insignificant from the first moment. Thus, his influence to the modern history of Jogae Order of Korea is indeed great and influential.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 불교정화의 시대적 배경
 Ⅲ. 건백서의 건
 Ⅳ. 『범망경』의 번역과 교단에 대한 희망
 Ⅴ. 용성계맥의 전승
 Ⅵ. 맺음말
 「백용성선사의 불교정화운동」에 대한 토론논평


  • 한보광 Rev. Bo-kwang. 대각사상연구원장, 동국대 불교대학원장.
  • 이덕진 창원전문대 장례지도과 교수.


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