Problems and Countermeasures in the History of Korean Church's Discipleship Training


Nam, Duck-Woo

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This study pointed out the problems in the history of discipleship training of Korean church and proposed their countermeasures. Although there are many previous studies on the growth of Korean church and discipleship training, there is very few of studies on the problems and their countermeasures. To this end, this study examined such issues. This study described the history of discipleship training in Korean church focusing on Sarang Community Church which successfully combined and fulfilled discipleship training with Korean church. For theoretical understanding, this study described the definitions of discipleship training as well as its purposes and stages. This study also summarized the history and achievements of para-church such as Campus Crusade For Christ and Navigators in relation to Korean church. In addition, focusing on the textbooks, publications and papers used missionary organizations and Sarang Community Church to describe the responses to and process of discipleship training. From the early 1970s, Campus Crusade For Christ used 10 step bible study textbooks and Navigators used the stepwise textbooks for discipleship training, which were found to focus on evangelism and nurturing. In particular, this study described the influence and history of discipleship training in Korean church focusing on the minister of Han Hem Ok at Sarang Community Church. Korean church rapidly expanded discipleship training in 1980 along with stable economy and the increased need for qualitative education and training for plenty of believers in church. Socially the increase of Christians increased the social responsibility of Korean church, under which discipleship training was more needed. The training and nurturing process of missionary organizations focusing on systematic bible study challenged the church. Under this situation, Han Hem Ok at Sarang Community Church combined this to build the framework for practical discipleship training. Han Hem Ok published「Awakening the Laity」in 1984, which described the theory and practices of discipleship training and opened a seminar to distribute it. However, unlike such goals, there were many problems. This study proposed their countermeasures to help Korean church grow in a healthy manner.


I. Introduction
 II. Discussion
  1. Theoretical Ground for Discipleship Training
  2. History of Discipleship Training in Korean Church
  3. Problems of Discipleship Training in Korean Church
  4. Countermeasures against the Problems in Discipleship Training of Korean Church
 III. Conclusion


  • Nam, Duck-Woo Professor of Sungkyul University


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