지방중소도시 활성화를 위한 공공영역 환경 개선방안 연구 - 경상남도 거창군을 대상으로 -


A Study on the Improvement of the Public Environment for Activation in Local Small or Medium-sized City - Focused on the Geochang-Gun, Gyeongnam Province -

김동진, 강석진, 박은아, 이유직

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Recently, the central and local government support various improvement projects on existing public buildings and areas. Improving public use and environment of these areas is adequate because financial condition of local city is not enough to build new infrastructures. As one of the projects, Geochang-Eup(Geochang-Gun, Gyeongnam Province) is selected as the project site since most of the public buildings and areas of the city are located close each other in downtown but not streamlined in function and use nor easily accessible. The purpose of this study is to analyze the causes of decline in local city and to present strategies to vitalize the city through improving environment of public areas. And we analyzed the problems by discussion with local officer, field investigation on the site and paper survey. The analysis shows that public infrastructures are grouped by function: administration, education, life support, culture, health, etc, but not well-connected, easily accessible, adequately located, various in use nor enough in quantity. This study summarized the problems into five categories: Access&Linkage, Safe&Comfort, Identity&Image, Usage&Activity and Ownership&Management and proposes strategy in three phases. The first phase is to improve functions and design of public places per each area: more consistent design on public buildings, better civil facilities and better accessibility to public areas. The second is to vitalize of the areas and to improve efficiency in use through linking each other physically and sharing uses. The third is to encourage citizen’s participation and by developing civil programs to streamline public areas each other.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구 배경 및 목적
  1.2 연구 범위 및 개요
 2. 일반적 고찰
  2.1 공공건축ㆍ공공공간의 개념 및 개선 필요성
 3. 대상지 및 연구조사 개요
  3.1 대상지 현황
  3.2 설문 및 현장조사 개요
 4. 분석결과
  4.1 주민설문 분석
  4.2 현장조사 분석
  4.3 공공환경 개선방안
 5. 결론


  • 김동진 Kim, Dong-Jin. 국립경상대 건축학과 조교수, 공학연구원 책임연구원
  • 강석진 Kang, Seok-Jin. 국립경상대 건축학과 조교수, 공학연구원 책임연구원
  • 박은아 Park, Eun-Ah. 국립경상대 도시공학과 박사과정
  • 이유직 Lee, Yoo-Jik. 부산대학교 조경학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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