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근대 만주의 러시아인 사회와 민족 관계


The Communities and Eethnic Relations of the Russians in Modern Manchuria


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Before and after the 20th century, the Trans-Siberian Railway was laid. Russians management, workers and technicians, the family emigrated to Manchuria. Many Russians, especially after the opening of the Trans-Siberian Railway to get the jobs and profits migrate to Manchuria. The ruling class, artists, intellectuals, Jews, who opposed the Russian October Revolution, flocked to Harbin. As a result, Manchuria were the livelihoods of the Russians. Harbin's Russian society was facing a recession. However, commerce and industry, education, religion, media, cultural and charitable projects they were actively deployed. They had a prominent role in the legal, education, religion, medical, and literary arts. They early discriminated the Chinese and robbed the land of the Chinese. So they had resulted in tensions with the Chinese. However, as they expanded their exchanges with the Chinese went to have a very good relationship. On the other hand, the relationship between the Russians in Manchuria and the Soviet Union was bad. As The Soviet Union's international presence grows, their awareness about the Soviet Union began to be improved. After Manchukuo was established, the Russians greeted Japanese. Because when the Russian October Revolution was happened, like the Russians, the Japanese also opposed the Russian October revolution. However, Japanese colonial authorities began to monitor, control, and persecute the Russians. In addition, they hindered the commerce and industry of the Russians in Manchuria. As a result, many Russians went away from Manchukuo.


1. 서론
 2. 러시아인의 만주 이산 배경과 추이
 3. 러시아인 사회의 부침(浮沈)과 민족 위상
  1) 중국인 통치 시기 러시아인의 삶
  2) 만주국 시기 러시아인의 민족 위상
 4. 러시아인의 민족 관계와 인식
  1) 중국인과의 관계 및 인식
  2) 소련과의 관계 및 인식
  3) 일본(인)과의 관계 및 인식
 5. 결론
  1) 1차 자료
  2) 연구서
  3) 연구논문


  • 윤휘탁 Yoon, Hwy-Tak. 한경대학교 교양학부


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