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종족마을의 집단이주와 에토스에 관한 연구 - 安東市 臥龍面 K門中의 事例 - ·


Study in the mass migration of lineage villages and ethos

종족마을의 집단이주와 에토스에 관한 연구 - 안동시 와룡면 K문중의 사례 - ·


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Over the 1970s and 1980s, more than Andong Imha dam construction due to submergence area of man clan village mines Kim Yean wave of migration status, especially looking at their external symbols of principalities vow clan's head family's house for the previous review, done saw. Previously mulled units clan costly decisions that can see In this process, the statement in the left hand, Mr. Fenghua Fri ilhyu per Yeungnam University was moved to the mines near the Kim clan fled from him from some of the negative views on the current location of the original place of another clan, but rather Nevertheless, I reached today to grasp their ethos became more interesting. Henceforth expected Andong construction rosseoneun intrinsic of Lee, who lived in the submergence area of the clan dosanmyeon togyeri agree Lee family of the clan Buncheon Yeongcheon curved domok hyped baebae Mr. Nam clan and nutrition clan and Imha dam submergence due to Gumi's honeysuckle is thought to be settled in their migration steps up to and after their clan groups to maintain the ethos of the community to identify the source, who immigrated to track the Jeonju Ryu.


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  • 김상규 Kim, Sang-Kyu. 안동과학대학 관광과 교수


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