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저항운동이 일반여성의 염증인자 및 CK에 미치는 영향


The effect of different intensity of 12weeks resistance training on inflammatory factors and creatinekinase in sedentary female

김진해, 이종삼, 권영우

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This study compared two different intensities of resistance exercise for inflammatory factors(TNF-α, IL-6, CRP), and creatine kinase activity concentration in the blood. Thirty-four sedentary women were randomly assigned to one of the three group: low intensity exercise training group(LIET), high intensity exercise training group(HIET), and a control group that did not perform the exercise training. Blood samples were obtained from the an antecubital vein in the morning after a 12-h overnight fast before and immediately, 24hour after exercise. After 12-weeks exercise training identical blood samples were extracted. The exercise were performed 3day/week for 60 minute. Both CRP and CK increased markedly after immediately exercise and recovery period with a significantly greater increase in the HIET group of pre training compared to other group or treatment. But after 12-weeks exercise training this different change did not show and the high intensity training programs induced a lower CRP and CK values compared to pre training values. Our results suggest that the intensity of resistance training does affect the magnitude of CRP, but does not effect the markers of muscle damage.


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  • 김진해 Kim, Jin-Hae. 한국체육대학교
  • 이종삼 Lee Jong-Sam. 대구대학교 체육과학연구소
  • 권영우 Kwon, Young-Woo. 영남대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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