FMECA 기법을 적용한 건설현장 거푸집작업의 통합 안전위험성 평가 및 대응방안 마련


Integrated Safety Risk Assessment and Response Preparation on Construction Site Formwork Using FMECA Method

안선주, 송상훈

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Risk Assessment to list possible safety disasters and their probability and severity is the starting point for effective safety management on construction project site. However, the safety managers in owners, construction supervisors, contractors, and sub-contractors still have difficulties in judging the priorities of safety activities and preparing responses to each potential safety disasters. Therefore, this study aimed to suggest a systematic method in assessing safety risk prior to commencement with the agreement of stakeholders. FMECA(failure mode effects and criticality analysis) was selected as a main assessment tool and it was modified according to the characteristics of construction projects and trades. Each risk is, firstly, evaluated with occurrence probability, possible loss and impacts to projects, and detections, and then risk priority number(RPN) is calculated. Subsequently, the managers of each stakeholder discuss the types, timing, and responsibilities of responses as a group decision-making process.


 1. 서론
 2. 건설 안전과 재해의 원인
  2.1 건설 안전재해 발생 현황
  2.2 건설 안전재해의 원인 분류
 3. 건설현장 위험성 평가
  3.1 건설현장 작업의 위험성 평가 현황
  3.2 건설현장의 적정 위험성 평가 도구
  3.3 건설 현장 위험성 평가 개선 방향
 4. 건설현장 거푸집 작업 위험성 평가
  4.1 거푸집 작업 안전재해 발생 현황
  4.2 거푸집 작업 안전위험성 평가방법
  4.3 거푸집 작업 안전위험성 평가결과
  4.4 기존 방식에 대한 개선 사항
 5. 결론
 6. 참고문헌


  • 안선주 Sun-Ju An. 한미글로벌
  • 송상훈 Sang-Hoon Song. 한국토지주택공사 토지주택연구원


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