역사 소재 희곡 작품에 나타난 고려인의 현실인식 일고찰


A Study on awareness in the plays of the Koreans in the Soviet Central Asia -focused on the dramas dealing with historical events


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The aim of this essay to examine the awareness of Korean in Soviet Central Asia by analyzing the dramas written by them. First, the plays deal with their achievements contributed to the Soviet establishment and resisted Imperial Japan. But the plays deal with betrayers who helped Japan. They are admitted that there are people who have become the minions of Japan through the dramas. On the other hand, they desired that they were accepted as a member of the Soviet by separating himself with the minions of Japan. The dramas disclosed that The Korean in Soviet Central Asia are not the group with single identity but the group with variety of interests. Next, there are dramas dealing with the ancient history. The Koreans in the Soviet Central Asia could not learn about the history of their fathers properly. Thus it is an unusual thing that the dramas told of pre-modern historical events. Historical background of these works were a very strange time to Koreans in the Soviet Central Asia. Hereby the playwrights announced the nation’s ancient history and criticized contemporary problems. But contemporary problems are more important. It is a major goal of the dramas that they criticized the present through the old stories. In other words, this works have criticized Stalin, the dictatorship of North Korea and the ruling class who made war for their interests. These dramas had the function of criticism of contemporary. Additionally, there were dramas dealing with Korea War, German-Soviet War and etc. But I defer analysing the dramas because I did not collect a lot of work. For the future excavation and study of these works have to be progress as soon as possible. Accordingly, we should be able to find a way of improving the understanding of Korean in Soviet Central Asia and creating a new future together.


1. 고려인 문학에서 희곡문학의 위상
 2. 고려인 희곡 작품의 세계
 3. 소비에트 건설에의 공헌과 일제에 대한 저항
 4. 오래된 역사를 통한 현실 비판
 5. 고려인 희곡의 연구를 위하여 - 앞으로의 과제


  • 이정선 Lee Jung-sun. 경희대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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