경주시 영유아 보육예산의 배분실태 및 정책방안


A Study on the Distribution State and the Policy Plan of Childcare Budget for Infant and Young Children in Gyeongju

최성혁, 오창섭

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This study aims to find out the distribution state of childcare budget and to present policy plan for the efficient allocation of the budget in Kyeongju. According to the analysis result of the distribution state of the childcare budget in Kyeongju, it is expanded in terms of financial budget and therefore it is convenient for infant and young children and their parents. But, this study proposed problems in the distribution state of childcare budget in Kyeongju and the policy plans are followed. First, in the distribution of childcare budget, support of subsidies for the childcare facility is allocated to appropriate for regional characteristics. Second, Childcare benefits supported by the Gyeongju-city is paid differentially depending on the conditions of the parents of infants, but the plan is needed so that they can feel in person a lot of information and support on child care in conjunction with financial support. Third, specialized childcare facilities and integrated childcare facilities for children with disabilities must be set up equally in each area and all parents with disabled children can receive childcare service. Fourth, by expanding of Time-extended childcare facilities and introducing of the new childcare sevices in this facilities, the positive childcare sevices should be pursued actively to ease the burden of child care of double-income families and to maintain the productivity of corporate. Fifth, public childcare facilities are systematically reared and managed for the purpose of regional balance and equity in backward(rural) areas in the distribution of childcare budget in Kyeongju. Sixth, the childcare policy and budget should be operated so that an equitable distribution can be achieved in improving working conditions of childcare teachers in public childcare facilities and private childcare facilities. Seventh, community-based and distinctive childcare policy in Gyeongju should be studied and developed.


 I. 서론
 II. 보육의 개념과 보육정책
 III. 보육예산의 베분실태 및 문제점
 IV. 보육예산의 효율적 배분을 위한 정책방안


  • 최성혁 Choi, Sung-Hyeok. 서라벌대학교 사회복지과 교수
  • 오창섭 Oh, Chang-Sup. 서라벌대학교 사회복지과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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