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A Study on the Effects of Childcare Teachers' Working Environment and Perception of Identity Upon their Functional Satisfaction in Gyeongju

이상덕, 최성혁

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This study put its principal objective on clarifying the question as to how the working environment and perception of identity of those childcare teachers who determine the quality of childcare upon their functional satisfaction, establish a recommendable childcare environment in which childcare teachers can perform their profession professionally and stably, and then suggest policies and solutions of mooted points so that they could be treated in commensuration with their functions. Resultant findings were revealed, as follows: First, a difference was shown by the type of establishment of childcare facilities and the number of years of experience in teaching profession. In particular, a significant difference was represented by the experience of those childcare teachers of comparatively stable remuneration who work with national or public facilities. Second, it was identified that married teachers take charge of more infants than single ones. However, no effects were found from comparison of work experience between married and single teachers as regard the perception of their identity. Third, childcare teachers' effects of working environment and perception of functional satisfaction upon their functional satisfaction were reflected in order of working conditions, sociality, and the perception of identity, which indicates the most effects in working conditions. On the basis of the aforementioned results, some resolutions were suggested, as follows: First, it is required for the personnel assignment of childcare teachers to be rationally implemented and for their status to be guaranteed. Second, governmental support to childcare expenses should be substantially expanded. Third, such childcare programs as are fitted to the locality be urgently developted. Fourth, drastic ameliorations be made in childcare teachers' childbirth, holidays, sick leaves, accident insurance, medical examination, and so forth. Fifth, the inferior remuneration of childcare teachers be ameliorated. Sixth, the ratio childcare teachers' taking of young children be lowered, the eight-hour working system be guaranteed, and working condition such as the security of research spaces, etc. be improved. Seventh, the security of speciality of childcare teachers be urgently resolved. Eighth, childcare teachers need to establish a high level of reliability on parents by expanding their role as substitutes for parents. When these conditions have been satisfied, childcare teachers are expected to be satisfied with their profession stably, enhance the quality of childcare, and then contribute to the enhancement of social production.


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  • 이상덕 Lee, Sang-Deok. 서라벌대학교 사회복지과 교수
  • 최성혁 Choi, Sung-Hyeok. 서라벌대학교 사회복지과 교수


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