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Factors influencing the problem drinking of some people with physical disability

천미경, 홍현숙, 이희연, 유소연, 모진아

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Objectives: This study examined problem drinking to identify the factors related to problem drinking among people with a physical disability in the community. Methods: This study enrolled 448 people with a physical disability. The measurements of problem drinking used AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test). For data analyses, the descriptive statistic, T-test, chi-square test and multiple logistic regression were carried out using SAS window 9.2. Results: The major findings can be summarized as follows: 1. AUDIT showed that 25.7% of the respondents had problems with alcohol (score of 8 or more). Problem drinking was observed in 34.6% and 9.0% of men and women, respectively. 2. Univariate analysis revealed problem drinking to be significantly associated with gender, age, marital status, health management activity, smoking depression and suicidal ideation. 3. The adjusted odds ratios were significantly higher in the following : men (OR=3.23); 40-49 age (OR=4.00); current smokers (OR=3.14) Conclusion: These issues need to be taken into consideration when planning preventive measures to reduce alcohol consumption and its related problems.


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  • 천미경 Mi-kyung Cheon. 국립재활원 재활연구소 재활표준연구과
  • 홍현숙 Hyun-Sook Hong. 국립재활원 재활연구소 재활표준연구과
  • 이희연 Hee-yeon Lee. 국립재활원 재활연구소 재활표준연구과
  • 유소연 So-Yeon Yu. 국립재활원 재활연구소 재활표준연구과
  • 모진아 Jin-A Mo. 한국보건의료연구원 신의료기술평가사업팀


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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