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On Presupposition of Semantics & Pragmatics.


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The purpose of this paper is to study and investigate the meaning and kinds about the pragmatic & semantic features of presupposition. We have to distinguish the difference between general usage and professional usage about presupposition in linguistics. There are pragmatic and semantic features in presupposition. In this paper, because of the cancelable feature, the presupposition is studied and treated in pragmatic features. There are three characteristics in presupposition. First, even if a presupposition was negative in one sentence, the presupposition in that sentence is alive. It is one of characteristics in presupposition. Second, the presupposition can be cancelled in some context or the environment of opposite supposition. This is why the presupposition must be treated in pragmatics than semantics. Third, the presupposition of compound sentence is the sum total of presupposition in the sentence structure. To survey and investigate the presupposition in pragmatics and semantics is not easy. However, in the course of the communicative situation, the presupposition is very important to each other.


 1. 서론
 2. 선행 연구
 3. 전제 유도체
  3.1. 단어 전제 유도체
  3.2 구문 전제 유도체
 4. 전제의 특징
  4.1 부정에서의 불변성
  4.2 취소가능성
  4.3 투사문제
 5. 결론


  • 양용준 Yang, Yong-Jun. 제주대학교


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